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Sydney Property Maintenance 

It is important to prioritise the safety and maintenance of your property throughout the year. Particularly in wet climates like those recently experienced, mould and mildew can accumulate quickly on outdoor surfaces such as steps, paths, driveways, and common areas, creating potential health and safety hazards. 


Clogged gutters can also pose a significant threat to your property's integrity and safety, as leaves, debris, and waste build-up can lead to water damage and costly repairs.


In addition to ensuring safety, consistent upkeep and maintenance are crucial for presenting your property at its best and maximising your enjoyment of it. 


At John Y Group, we understand the importance of keeping your property in excellent condition. Our team of professionals provides regular maintenance services to ensure that your outdoor areas are free from hazards and always looking their best. 


Trust us to help you maintain a safe, beautiful, and enjoyable property throughout the year.

Scope of our Sydney Property Maintenance Services:


  • High-pressure water cleaning:

  • Building, house, concrete, brick, steps, pathways, driveways, common areas, windows 

  • Gutter cleaning and more...

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