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Sydney Tree Services

If you are seeking to remove an unwanted tree from your property for a front yard or backyard makeover or if an overgrown tree is posing a hazard or blocking vital sunlight, John Y Group can provide expert assistance.


Our skilled team utalise the modern equipment required to safely and efficiently climb and prune trees for optimal results. As your local Sydney tree experts, we specialise in competitively priced tree cutting, pruning, removal, and stump grinding services.


During our obligation-free inspection, we can offer advice on whether you need to seek council approval and guide you through the appropriate course of action. Count on us to provide reliable and comprehensive support throughout the tree removal and maintenance process.


Scope of our Sydney Tree Services:


  • Tree cutting, trimming and pruning

  • Tree lopping and tree removal 

  • Mulching

  • Tree stump grinding, stump removal and more...

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